Friday, September 23, 2016

Week in Review 38/2016

What did I see?
I'm always happy to support aquaitances. Although I think that Royal Black doesn't need much of a support since her work speaks for herself! She makes the most awesome corset designs with impeccable fit. See for yourself:

What did I listen to?
You wouldn't believe it -  J.L.Bourne Diary of the Apocalypse 3 (German Version)

What did I ask myself?
Now that my motivation is back - Why don't I have time to sew?!

What did I read?
Work stuff

What did I work on?
Nothing - Well, I copied a pattern, but had not time to cut the fabric

I was happy about...
Mo-Ti-Va-Tion! Yay!

I was annoyed about...
Doing the dishes. I'm so looking forward to having my dish washer back!

I bought...
Only foods. Good girl!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Entertainment blogger award

I really needed some time to get through my blogroll, with all the packing and shopping and organizing, time is really a precious resource. BTW, I didn't forget that I owe you pictures of my TKMaxx haul and new sewn things, but I somehow miss my camera battery charger and also ran out of webspace for pictures. Any recommendations?

 I'm writing today because I just realised that Ramona of Justkeepthebrains gave me an award, thank you sweetheart:

The Entertaining Blogger Award


The Rules of The Entertainer Blogger Award:

  • Write a post including the award picture.
  • Nominate 12 other bloggers who are funny, inspiring, and most importantly ENTERTAINING!
  • Add these rules to the post.
  • Thank the person who nominated you and leave a link to their blog!
  • Also, answer the questions down below.

1. Why did you start to blog in the first place?

I started to blog in 2009 originally to have some fun with outfit pcitures, but the blog soon eolved into a diary for stuff I make and do. I often have the feeling that I don't achieve anything and never finish anything I start. The blog keeps track of stuff I made and helps me to see that I actually do finish things. And it really works!

2. What is your favorite book?

I hae written about this before, but my favourite book is "Spares" by Michael Marshall Smith. It contains, spaceships, war, robots, clones love and a broken detective, all mixed up to a story which you can't lay down once you started reading!

Here is the text on the back cover:
Coma meets Blade Runner in this future noir thriller, a compulsively readable melding of hardboiled narrative and hardware invention. Smith forecasts a decadent future in which the rich clone themselves at birth and callously harvest replacement organs from their "spares" as they need them. Narrator Jack Randall, a debauched but conscientious ex-cop, flees to the megalopolis of New Richmond with seven clones he has liberated from a spare farm and is almost immediately relieved of them by a gang of thugs. Jack's efforts to find out who has abducted the spares and marked them for death plunge him into a mystery that ultimately links the two events that have shattered his life: the brutal unsolved murder of his wife and child, and his soul-searing tour of military duty in The Gap. A virtual world built from the flotsam and jetsam cluttering the Internet, The Gap is an awesome conception made to seem supernaturally eerie yet scientifically feasible. Smith elaborates this creation brilliantly, as a surreal battleground where Jack confronts the demons that have haunted him for a decade, and as a symbol of emptiness and waste that brings the novel's numerous depictions of personal and social devaluation into sharp focus. Both a disconcerting portrait of a future that might be, and a poignant study of one man's fight to resist it, this novel augurs a promising future of another sort for its author.

3. What do you dislike the most?

Intolerance and stupidity. Not necessarily in that order. I don't know if I hate any of the two more, but sometimes I hate myself for being stupid. So I sometimes hate myself a bit, but at least I try to avoid intolerance! ^^

4. What’s your favorite food item from the mall?

That's hard. I love fusion food, preferably asian fusion. There is a food ventor called soul food who has amazing burgers and sweet potato fries to die for. I also love sushi. And udon. Actually, I'd eat almost anything, depending on the mood I'm in! ;)

5. What is your favorite past time activity?

Again, I find it hard to decide that. Spending time with my boyfriend, friends and family? Reading? Sewing?  So much things to do, so little time!

I won't nominate anyone because most people I'd nominate either are already nominated and the rest of them won't waste time answering questions... If you are interested, just pickup the award and answer the questions! :)

Friday, September 16, 2016

Week in Review - 37/2016

What did I see?
Ya'll know how much I'm into handiworks and hand sewing? Well, I'm really tempted to do it once we moved. I simply love the creepy cute designs by TinyCup Needlework!

What did I listen to?
J. L Bourne - 2nd Diary of the Apocalypse. (German version) Both books are actually pretty good! Looking forward to the third diary!

What did I ask myself?
What became of no more shopping until the move?

What did I read?
Pittacus Lore "United as One", the last of the Lorien series. Good as always, both my boyfriend and me are fans of the series and enjoy the books about teenagers from outer space fighting on (and for) earth!

What did I work on?
Nothing, but I have good plans now!

I was happy about...
More kissing my boyfriend and spending time with friedns this weekend!

I was annoyed about...
My lazyness. Still I need to work on that. But I'll do!

I bought...
More fabric and the new German Version of Patrones, my old favourite Sewing pattern magazine!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Grey silk McCall's 5661

I used the rest of the silk cotton fabric to make another top. I thought that making a work appropriate top would be a good idea, so I used view D with the sleeves of view B from McCall's 5661.

Den Rest der Baumwoll-Seide-Mischung habe ich ein weiteres Oberteil genäht. Ich wollte etwas für die Arbeit, also habe ich ein hochgeschlossenes Schnittmuster (McCall's 5661) genommen mit den Falten am Ausschnitt - Ansicht D- mit kleinen Ärmelchen -Ansicht B.

 photo IMG_0795_zpscpn8nbjw.jpg

 photo IMG_0797_zpsrgtqw93w.jpg

 photo IMG_0798_zpsfnrzl0ji.jpg

In the back you can see that the shirt is still lacking closure. I can't decide between mother of pearl buttons or KAM Snaps. And which snaps to use - black or white?

Hier kann man hinten sehen, dass das Oberteil noch keinen Verschluß hat. Ich kann mich bislang nicht für Knöpfe entscheiden. Perlmutt? Oder KAM Snaps? In weiß oder schwarz? Hilfe?

 photo IMG_0799_zpsqeibvp6p.jpg

 photo IMG_0800_zpsybxdo8zi.jpg

Like in the last shirt, I gave my all to make the insides just as pretty as the outside. I won't get away with wearing this shirt inside out, but I somehow felt that this fabric was worth the little extra effort.

Wie beim anderen Shirt von letzter Woche habe ich wieder etwas Zeit ins Innenschön investiert. Irgendwie scheint mir der Stoff die Extraarbeit wert... Allerdings kann man dieses Shirt nicht einfach umdrehen...

Friday, September 9, 2016

Week in Review 36/2016

What did I see?
My luck with Halloween stuff at TKMaxx changed and I got the first items from there... I willl show what I got next week! Right in the spirit of Halloween, I saw these Tribute pictures to Tim Burton by Marie Bergeron. A fall and creepiness, how much I missed you?

What did I listen to?
J. L Bourne - Diary of the Apocalypse. (German version)

What did I ask myself?
Where did that lazyness come from? Is this procrastination from the huge tasks before me?

What did I read?
New Darwin awards - A mindless read during waiting time at Ikea.

What did I work on?
Walls and cupboards

I was happy about...
Staying with my boyfriend for one week. Fixing a moving date. Only one more month of distance relationsship (not long distance because I've heard of worse)

I was annoyed about...
My lazyness. I had one week to do stuff and did so little.

I bought...
A little fabric, Halloween towels and bowls.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Week in Review 35/2016

What did I see?
We're coming closer to autumn and that means - Halloween! I already visited TK-Maxx but had no luck with Halloween stuff. But Daniel Horne made an amazing series on the classical movie monsters which makes me long for falling leaves and evenings on the couch with hot cocoa and a monster movie!

What did I listen to?
In Extremo - Liam

What did I ask myself?
Am I expecting too much?

What did I read?

What did I work on?
Two tops, one finished

I was happy about...
Doing something productive again 

I was annoyed about...
Moving is so bad! I should know after 25 of them...

I bought...
Only food!

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Grey silk sorbetto

I seem to be in a sewing rut. Actually, that's not correct: I seem to have lost my ability to sew. I started a lot of things but made stupid mistakes and have hence.nothi g finished. I even threw out a dress were I made a mistake and had no more fabric to fix it. Which is a bummer as I got the matching buttons for the fabric in Berlin and now have no use for them any longer...

Ich habe gerade irgednwie Näh-Probleme, weil ich scheinbar vergessen habe wie nähen funktioniert. Ich hab so viele angefangene Dinge herumliegen, bekomme aber nichts fertig weil ich ständig doofe Fehler mache. Am Sonntag habe ich ein Kleid weggeworfen weil es nicht passte und ich keinen Stoff mehr für Änderungen hatte. Schade, weil ich tolle und genau zum stoff passende Knöpfe aus Berlin mitgebracht hatte, die jetzt zu nichts mehr passen...

But this weekend I somehow got back to the sewing machine and made two shirts from fabric that lingered in my stash for years. It is a lovely silk/cotton mix and I made a Sorbetto (free pattern from Colette Patterns).

Letztes Wochenende scheint der Knoten geplatzt zu sein und ich war mal wieder an der Nähma. Ich habe eine Seiden-Baumwollmischung angeschnitten und 2 Oberteile genäht. Eins ist das hier gezeigte Sorbetto  (Gratisschnittmuster von Colette Patterns).

 photo IMG_0805_zpsuizvrvgp.jpg

The neckline and the arm openings are hemmed with selfmade biastape from the original fabric.

Die Arm- und Halsausschnitte sind mit selbstgemachtem Schrägband eingefasst.

 photo IMG_0803_zpskmixq87d.jpg

I spent quite some time to get a nice inner finish as well and used french seams for sides and shoulders. I could wear this inside out and noone would notice!

Dieses Mal habe ich mir Mühe mit dem Innenschön gemacht und Kappnähte gemacht. Jetzt kann ich das Oberteil auch verkehrt herum tragen ohne dass es auffällt!

 photo IMG_0801_zps4bl3uyam.jpg

See? Left side out! Who noticed?

Seht ihr? Auf links! Und man sieht nichts!

Friday, August 26, 2016

Week in Review 34/2016

What did I see?
The following comic has a surprising twist and made me laugh so loud my neighbours complained. How could I not show it to you? If you like it as much as me, go check out Cath Garvey's tumblr where she posts weekly new stuff!

What did I listen to?
JBO- Panzer Dance. Because all these "anxoius citizens" in Germany who complain about refugees should ask themselves if the nation which has the fourth largest weapon export should not be responsible for caring for the victims...

What did I ask myself?
How can people not know who produces weaponry in Germany?

What did I read?

What did I work on?
I messed up a dress really bad and have lost my sewing mojo over it -.-#

I was happy about...
Taking things back in my own hand but sharing some tasks as well. And bubble wrap! 

I was annoyed about...
My lazyness

I bought...
Nothing. But I got two pretty corsets from Paisleystern! <3 br="">

Friday, August 19, 2016

Week in Review - 33/2016

What did I see?
After my shoe painting adventure last week, I was amazed when I found what Kayla Stojek does to them in her Zombie Peepshow shop! Are these still shoes or works of art?

What did I listen to?
In Extremo - Pikse Palve - Finally they come back to the roots!

What did I ask myself?
When did M'era Luna get so big?

What did I read?
Running orders and the "Schwarzbuch Markenfirmen", a German critical book about how world brands treat people and the planet.

What did I work on?
A dress

I was happy about...
Signing the lease! The new flat is so big!

I was annoyed about...
My work attitude! I'm lazy and I procrastinate. Why? I can be so much better!

I bought...
Just foods. Good girl this week, no extra spending on M'era Luna!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Morris Blazer

For the SSSA I made an Origami skirt from scuba knit in grey. Although I only bought 2m and the skirt calls for 1.2m, I used the remaining fabric for a Morris blazer by GrainlineStudios. The fabric amount mentioned in the pattern was 1.5m. Either I can magically make fabrics grow (Oh, please, please, please!) or the seller was very well meaning –which I doubt- or my fabric tetris skill have been increasing. Anyway, here we go:

Für den SSSA habe ich einen Origami-Rock genäht aus Maybachufer Skubastoff in grau. Aus dem Rest hatte ich schon im Rockvorstellungseintrag einen Morris Blazer vonGrainline Studios geplant. Ich habe nur 2m vom Maybachufermarkt mitgenommen, aber trotzdem hatte ich genug für einen 1,2 Rock und einen 1,5m Blazer. Entweder, ich kann Stoffe wachsen lassen (Oh bitte, bitte, bitte!), der Händler war großzügig – allerdings hat der echt nach Metermaß abgeschnitten- oder mein Stofftetris ist stärker geworden. Auf jeden Fall ist hier das Ergebnis:

 photo IMG_0791_zpsuxefjgzn.jpg

 photo IMG_0792_zpslolwckk2.jpg

Since my fabric was rather thick, I considered doing the partial lining in another jersey (Guess which colour! Go on and guess!). But in the end the thickness didn’t hinder the pretty fall of the colour and now my Morris is made like the instructions. The pattern is relatively simple for a blazer and has no closure. I think it took me about 3 hours to make – but then again I’m a quick sewer!

Weil der Stoff relativ dick ist, habe ich darüber nachgedacht, das Rever und das Teilfutter aus einem anderen Jersey zu machen (Ratet mal welche Farbe? Ein gleiches grau aufzutreiben schien mir unmöglich). Aber es war am Ende doch nicht nötig und so ist der Morris jetzt so wie von Grainline Studios geplant. Es gibt keine Verschlüsse und nur wenige komplizierte Ecken, die in der Anleitung gut erklärt werden. Ich war also in etwa 3 Stunden fertig – bin aber auch eine ziemlich schnelle Näherin!

 photo IMG_0794_zps9kcfnl3v.jpg

 photo IMG_0793_zpsqo9jr4u8.jpg

Sewing pattern review
Great pattern where the pieces fit together well and the instructions were really helpful. The fit is relaxed and the Morris blazer a good basic. Would sew again!